Basic Rig

The basic rig is the same as the standard in all ways except the GPU used. For the basic rig we use GPUs which are more readily available & come at a lower cost, though it should be noted they produce less hashing power per watt of electricity than the top end GPUs.

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Standard Rig

The standard rig uses the best GPUs for crypto mining on the market. These are sometimes difficult to obtain and expensive though they produce the highest hash rates and offer the chance of a full return much faster which is why they're the most common choice among miners.

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Custom Rig

Some like them big, some like them small. What ever you've got in mind from a small custom design to a much larger installation we're ready to help you by building exactly the kind of mining set up you've been dreaming of. Feel free to share your ideas!

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What you get for your money:

✔ A high quality rig built with the best materials

✔ 2 Hours of free after purchase support included

✔ Software installed so you can plug & play in seconds

✔ Links to educational videos to help you get the most from your rig

✔ Remote access set up so you can control your rig from anywhere with an internet connection

✔ Warranty on all parts

✔ Discounts on other crypto education packages via Portsmouth Crypto

✔ Discounts on BitStashers cold storage wallets

✔ Rig management service option


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