GPU rigs are built using specially created motherboards and a larger than normal number of GPUs compared to a standard PC. The advantages of GPU rigs include the ability to mine a wider variety of coins, the ability to run masternodes and other income generating DLT software as well as an easily resellable and upgradable range of hardware in the event you decide to move on from mining.

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Orion Rigs are able to source a variety of different ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) which mine specific algos and allow you to generate more coins for less power than using a standard GPU rig. The disadvantage of ASICs is that when they're no longer profitable you can't break down and sell the componants, nor can you use them to run other DLT software.

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✔ A high quality rig built with the best materials

✔ 2 Hours of free after purchase support included

✔ Software installed so you can plug & play in seconds

✔ Links to educational videos to help you get the most from your rig

✔ Remote access set up so you can control your rig from anywhere with an internet connection

✔ Warranty on all parts

✔ Discounts on other crypto education packages via Portsmouth Crypto

✔ Discounts on BitStashers cold storage wallets

✔ Rig management service option


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